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Creating a Population Consciousness

Advancing positive conversations for a sustainable population


7.8 billion

The current population of people on Earth

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The amount of  biomass humans & livestock comprise on Earth

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218 million

The number of women who want to avoid pregnancy


What We Do

Raising Awareness

Our mission is to educate and advance positive discussions on population growth — seeking just solutions for a thriving planet, human well-being, and responsible communities.

Making the Connections

Having a healthy and thriving planet for people & Nature requires a holistic approach. The solutions to unsustainable population growth, overconsumption, inequity, inequality and injustice are all connected.

Building A Community

It will take all of us, with our diverse backgrounds and experiences, where we honor and listen to one another, to affect change.  We only have one planet, and it is meant to be shared by all species.


Taking on Challenging Issues

World population growth continues, and with it, overconsumption, and human impacts on the planet are becoming detrimental to both people and nature.  The number of people today is closing in on 8 billion. Population growth is an overarching issue that affects every other yet remains mostly ignored.

This initiative aims to develop an informed network of advocates on population issues and provide them with reputable data to inform their campaigns and foster greater collaboration about population growth that is grounded in a holistic, rights-based framework.

Creating a Population Consciousness is a collaborative effort guided by a steering committee comprised of the following non-profit entities: Transition Earth, Center for Biological Diversity, Millennium Alliance for Biosphere and the Humanity, Population Media Center, Post Carbon Institute, and Venture Strategies for Health & Development.


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